Higgledy Piggledy

…And The New Blogging Format

You know you suck at blogging when you count the posts in your own blog and find eight total… two being reposts from the archive. And what the heck is “higgledy-piggledy” anyway?!

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What I’ve Been Up To Lately

Hi, my name is Trenton and I’m finally out of the woods.

It’s been three months since I’ve blogged anything. I also hardly sent any emails nor made any phone calls. Weird, considering the holiday season… With that in mind I want to offer an explanation and a quasi-apology. I say quasi, because I’m not sorry for what I’ve been doing, but I am sorry if any of my readers have felt neglected.

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Red Top Mountain

Took a day off, hiked all over the Red Top Mountain State Park. Happy Thanksgiving y’all! :)


A sneak peek preview of tonight’s event at Intercontinental.

Every Bearded Man

Every bearded man must have a cool shotgun, such as this KSG bullpup. I want one, but couldn’t afford it yet. Judging by his facial expression, same applies to Andy.