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Night portrait created with Brenizer Method

Brenizer Method

Ever since I started creating bokehramas (using a technique called “Brenizer Effect“), I’ve been pushing the limits of this already optically impossible genre. Gigapixel stitch with over 250 tiles? Check. Multi-tile portraits where one subject is split among dozen tiles? Check. Environmental portrait indoors with zero nodal shift? Check. HDR bokehrama? Check. List goes on…

Night portrait with long exposure and light painting

Where’s My Bike?!

Made a new “brush” for my light painting experiments. The best opportunity to test it? Of course, Margaret’s daily jumping project! And here I am, checking the key light, wondering why it didn’t fire the last time… Probably even throwing some strong words at the poor thing. Bam! Epic selfie.

Dynamic European style portraiture

Trolleybus Extemporization

This is an impromptu semi-candid shot for Margaret’s daily jumping project. She texted me that her trolleybus is approaching our stop, so I wrote back that she should jump from a rearmost door facing backwards. Of course I meant backwards in a relation to the prior course of that trolleybus… but what actually happened works…

Portrait with little planet effect

Objects In Space

Today Margaret managed to jump especially high, all the while I’ve spent most of the day onboard my spaceship, studying the influence of prominent peripheral objects on a polar warped panoramas… In short, goofing around again :)

Nature photography at night, Owls fighting over a mouse

Stealing The Prey

Went to take a closer look at the owl congregation that I’ve discovered yesterday and… witnessed the tawny owl stealing a rat from the hawk owl. Caught it on camera using the vintage Soviet era manual focus lens and a cheap flash.

Freeze light

Owl Spotting

An ordinary walk through the night forest turned into an owl spotting. There was at least five barn owls chattering and having a hoot time… but I had only the ultrawide lens with me and no flash, so today I can’t show you any birds. However, I took my tripod for a walk, so at…