Mannequin Jump

Another retrospective shot: September 18th this year, Minsk.


These red maple “helicopters” are called samaras. It’s their time now.

Panther Martin

Remember the car I bought yesterday? She needed a name, so when I found a fishing lure in her immaculately clean ashtray, I’ve decided that whatever is written on a lure is going to be the car’s name.

It’s a classic inline spinner, so I was expecting “Mepps”. Or “Blue Fox”. Or many other names… but “Panther Martin”?! Never heard of them.

Anyhow, from this day forward I’ll call my car Panther in English and Martin (“ласточка“) in Russian. Suits her perfectly.

Old But Not Obsolete

Bought myself a ride today, a 1998 Outback 30th anniversary edition in an excellent shape. Finally mobile again, yay!


“Could you please snap a photo of our pumpkins real quick?”

Sure. 2 flashes, 20 seconds to set ’em up and… Boo!

Pipe Dream

Just an impromptu handheld shot of my pipe paraphernalia. Enjoying the heck out of it!