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Old But Not Obsolete

Bought myself a ride today, a 1998 Outback 30th anniversary edition in an excellent shape. Finally mobile again, yay!


“Could you please snap a photo of our pumpkins real quick?” Sure. 2 flashes, 20 seconds to set ’em up and… Boo!

Pipe Dream

Just an impromptu handheld shot of my pipe paraphernalia. Enjoying the heck out of it!


Photographed a very energetic bat mitzvah tonight with my friend Chuck. Here we’re scouting the portrait location :)


Today it was supposed to be raining in the morning. All weather forecasts were in agreement, no PM rain. …Of course it was raining cats and dogs the…

Dinner Is Served

Obviously, Chuck likes cooking even more than I do. Yum!

Explosive Beard

It was a very long day. Probably the longest day of the year… for I’ve moved to Atlanta and Margaret stayed in Minsk. I’ll have to file for…

Play That Funky Music White Boy

No street band is complete without an accordion. No relocation is complete without leaving things behind. Big news are a-coming. Not as big as me an Margaret getting…

Family Heirloom

One of my first memories: mom is singing a lullaby, and there’s a candle burning… In this very candlestick. It was one of the precious few childhood artifacts…

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