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Red Top Mountain

Took a day off, hiked all over the Red Top Mountain State Park. Happy Thanksgiving y’all! :)

Breman Home Gala


A sneak peek preview of tonight’s event at Intercontinental.

Main Street Guns & Range

Every Bearded Man

Every bearded man must have a cool shotgun, such as this KSG bullpup. I want one, but couldn’t afford it yet. Judging by his facial expression, same applies…

Mannequin Jump

Another retrospective shot: September 18th this year, Minsk.


These red maple “helicopters” are called samaras. It’s their time now.

Panther Martin

Remember the car I bought yesterday? She needed a name, so when I found a fishing lure in her immaculately clean ashtray, I’ve decided that whatever is written…

Old But Not Obsolete

Bought myself a ride today, a 1998 Outback 30th anniversary edition in an excellent shape. Finally mobile again, yay!


“Could you please snap a photo of our pumpkins real quick?” Sure. 2 flashes, 20 seconds to set ’em up and… Boo!

Pipe paraphernalia

Pipe Dream

Just an impromptu handheld shot of my pipe paraphernalia. Enjoying the heck out of it!