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There are two possible reasons why you’ve opened this link: either you’re a search engine robot indexing my site, or you were hoping for a shortcut to see all of my wedding work in one place. Well, it’s not that easy…

I’ve had many websites over the years. When I immigrated to the States in 2000 and opened the studio in Duluth/Lawrenceville area, my website was located at (no longer live, but feel free to check one of many pictureless snapshots at the Wayback Machine). In June 2011 I’ve decided to move it to a new domain, matching my full name. It was a second year of my Russian odyssey that originally supposed to be a 2-month trip, so I knew all too well that I was stuck. However, originally this site was in English, as I had high hopes that I’ll be back soon (Wayback Machine sometimes forgets to archive images or formatting, so nevermind the mess when you check out this snapshot). A year later I had to rewrite everything in Russian to comply with the law and demands of my local clientele (snapshot).

In 2015 I’ve started switching everything back to English again, as I was positively winning the fight of getting myself back stateside. I also did a major redesign, which looks gorgeous on Retina dispays… But that last move also rendered most of my old portfolio obsolete. The new design needed extremely high definition photographs. Four megapixel shots from 2003? Forget it. Film scans? Not even funny.

So I had to cull my portfolio for the new website, trying to keep it both fresh and extremely hi-def. That’s what you see now on my front page. I will be expanding it soon, and expanding a lot. With your help.

Wedding Albums: Hefty Pretty Things

This gorgeous wedding book tips the scales at 10.5 pounds. Oddly enough, that’s exactly what an AK-47 weights with the loaded 30-round magazine. But why is this so…

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