Note To Vendors


So you were one of the vendors at the event I've photographed. You created an account on my Client Portal and… nothing happened. Guess what? Nothing will.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Create an account if you haven't already. Make sure you fill out the "Company" field! In most cases I have no other way of knowing that you are representing the vendor I've worked with. If your business card says "Chillax Entertainment" or "Fabulastic Petals" and you've registered as Annabel Lee, how exactly am I supposed to connect the dots?
  2. If you already created an account without your company name, don't panic. Just fill out the contact form or text me your info at (404) 951-6591, and I'll do the necessary editing.
  3. Once I know that you are the vendor, I will assign a special “Vendor” price list to your account. Please note that this price list will do its magic only while you are logged in.

What Magic?

As you might've noticed, all photos in my proof galleries are watermarked with the word “PROOF”. If you want to use one of them on a social media or your website, you'll have to officially download it. It is free, and always will be. Just click on a thumbnail to enlarge it and find a “Download” icon. Clicking on that icon will produce a nice non-watermarked photo with a small logo in the corner. That photo will be measuring 640 pixels by its largest side. Too small for most professional applications.

But if you've registered as a vendor, your download size will be 2048 pixels by its largest side, more than sufficient even for the most cutting edge multimedia applications.

Here's a comparison of “generic” free download and “Vendor” free download of the same photo (links will open in a new tab).

If you need even higher resolution – for example, for a 4K/8K slideshow, – just ask.

PS: Assigning the "Vendor" designation is a manual process and may take a few hours or even days. Bogus and unverifiable entries will be ignored. You can check your account's status by clicking the Download link on any photo; if the popup window says 2048px – you've been approved and good to go.

PPS: I recommend adding photos to favorites (heart icon) before downloading them. This way, as long as you're logged in, you will have a personalized gallery of favorite photos.

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