Today it was supposed to be raining in the morning. All weather forecasts were in agreement, no PM rain.

…Of course it was raining cats and dogs the entire afternoon. Come on people, you can’t predict the weather a few hours ahead, yet keep telling me that it will be warmer

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Oh, Look! Another Dude Offering Mini Sessions in Atlanta!

My six year long European odyssey is nearing its end; I will be arriving in ATL in early October. Arriving to stay for as long as I breathe… Yes, Trenton Talbot Photography will be reopening on US soil, yay! And what’s a better way to celebrate

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Woke Up in Atlanta

You woke up in a strange place. You look out the window and see the Eiffel Tower. You must be in Paris, right?…

Question is, do we have such a big fat landmark in ATL? Something that is so unique and