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Monochrome photographs

Red Top Mountain

Took a day off, hiked all over the Red Top Mountain State Park. Happy Thanksgiving y’all! :)

Breman Home Gala


A sneak peek preview of tonight’s event at Intercontinental.

Main Street Guns & Range

Every Bearded Man

Every bearded man must have a cool shotgun, such as this KSG bullpup. I want one, but couldn’t afford it yet. Judging by his facial expression, same applies…

Explosive Beard

It was a very long day. Probably the longest day of the year… for I’ve moved to Atlanta and Margaret stayed in Minsk. I’ll have to file for…

Play That Funky Music White Boy

No street band is complete without an accordion. No relocation is complete without leaving things behind. Big news are a-coming. Not as big as me an Margaret getting…

BNW blue jumping legs

Blue Jump

I’m blue da ba dee da ba daa! It’s packing day for me and a dental day for Margaret, so today’s jump looks a bit unorthodox. Da ba…

Moonlit cloudscape

Lower Limits

Tonight I was supposed to be drinking beer with a friend from California, but he’s got stuck in FRA. Oh well, no beer today… The bottle stands for…

Did You Plug It In?

One checkout lane at the grocery store wasn’t working, and the clerks were busy trying to figure out what’s wrong with it… They forgot to plug in a…

Spooky noir jumping silhouette

Wicked Witch

Places we go in our family photography endeavors sometimes look spooky even for me. Just like this apartment complex garage, for example. And of course we grabbed a…