Monochrome photographs

The Firm

“The Firm” is a name of the old Tom Cruise movie. It’s also a name of Ukrainian franchise barber shop specializing in men’s style. And this is Vadim, the guy who trimmed and styled my beard (freehand!) so I don’t look like stereotypical hillbilly anymore.

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Corny One

For today’s photo I wanted to create something artsy-fartsy. Here in a former USSR it always means black & white. Usually nude, quite often fat and ugly. Or just a still life involving bell peppers or chillies, preferably some severely deformed mutatoes.

Unfortunately I don’t have any bell peppers, chillies

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Fruit Stand

One of the Belorussian oddities are these fruit/veggie stands, conveniently located near the bus stops. Unsurprisingly that places every single one of them right next to a grocery store. Prices are usually the same, and they seldom sell anything that’s fresher or better than what you get from the store

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