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You know, all these dull and somber family portrait sessions… Never seen one in my entire career.

Today We Got Married

– Would you like me to wear a suit for our wedding? Or maybe a tux? – No, I won’t recognize you in a suit, you don’t look…

Act Like Model

As I was walking by, this girl noticed my camera… And instinctively did a few poses from the typical repertoire of a pro model.

Back To School

A tent shop selling school supplies right in the geographic center of Minsk.

Just Keep Hugging

This adorable stray cat ambushed us on the street and demanded hugs, or else. So hug we did.


60th day of my Daily project, and I still haven’t introduced you to the best cat in the world?! Let’s fix that. Her name is Otya, she’s a…

How She Does That

That’s how Margaret does jumping selfies: if you look closely, you’ll see a magic wand in her right hand… That’s a transmitter antenna, and the receiver sits on…

Beauty In Odd Places

After shooting her daily jumping selfie (here), Margaret spotted some flowers. Just outside of this frame: stinky garbage bin, bunch of spillages of unknown origin, parked cars… And…

Who Said “Noodles”?

Here I am, researching the phenomenon that I call “bokeh noodling”, and there’s a doggie waiting for the owner at a grocery store. Whistling and other noises that…

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