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Sailfish Impression

Just another photo of Margaret jumping at sunset. Buckle up though, tomorrow will be very special! :)

Colorful Wall

I’m a sucker for colorful walls, so when I find one, I absolutely have to use it as a backdrop.

Orange Jump

Today we’re in the orange mood. All plans are in motion, here we go!… I mean, here we jump.

Power Plant

Just a local power plant at night. PS: Now I have a plane ticket to ATL, ho ho ho.

Just Keep Hugging

This adorable stray cat ambushed us on the street and demanded hugs, or else. So hug we did.

To The Batcave!

In daylight this building looks like a fat cat… But when darkness falls upon Gotham City, it turns into Batman.

Midnight Breeze

Goofing around with Margaret and her jumping project again. As you might’ve guessed, today’s theme is “Fallen angel”. I had to macgyver a few new props for this…

Shadows Of Rush Hour

This is the busiest street in Minsk, photographed during rush hour. Bumper to bumper traffic, huge crowds of pedestrians… First, I made it all go away. Then brought…

Brenizer Method

Ever since I started creating bokehramas (using a technique called “Brenizer Effect“), I’ve been pushing the limits of this already optically impossible genre. Gigapixel stitch with over 250…

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