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The weather was meticulously balancing on the edge of “Just About To Rain” all morning. But the very moment we’ve packed up and started the car, the clouds…

Stormy Sunny Day

Today it’s sunny with thunder clouds. Chilly and pretty windy, but once you’ve found cover from the wind, it’s very warm. Red leaves, green grass. Green leaves, yellow…

Lower Limits

Tonight I was supposed to be drinking beer with a friend from California, but he’s got stuck in FRA. Oh well, no beer today… The bottle stands for…

Ninety Two Percent

I saw this big fat Moon hanging over a church at sunset and went for an app to check the current phase. Oddly enough it is 92% full,…

Crossroads Sunset

Crossing the intersection I’ve noticed how beautiful the light is… Got stuck between the lanes as a result :)

Shadows Of Rush Hour

This is the busiest street in Minsk, photographed during rush hour. Bumper to bumper traffic, huge crowds of pedestrians… First, I made it all go away. Then brought…

Morning Dew

You have no idea how happy I am to finally see some clouds! …And Margaret, of course :)

Starling Bazaar

Lots of starlings in the area lately. Amazing murmurations at the sunset, flash-mobs of hundreds of tails and beaks in a daytime.

Crazy Weather

Today I’ve been doing mini-sessions all over the historical center of Minsk. The weather was really kaleidoscopic: one minute we had a blazing Sun and totally clear skies,…

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