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Beauty Salon

After day of hard work we’ve stopped by a tanning salon to get our doses of vitamin D. PS: If Margaret keeps jumping like that, we gonna save…

Sailfish Impression

Just another photo of Margaret jumping at sunset. Buckle up though, tomorrow will be very special! :)

Colorful Wall

I’m a sucker for colorful walls, so when I find one, I absolutely have to use it as a backdrop.

Nothing Happens Unless First A Dream

Meet Julia, my first wedding client in Belarus – I photographed her wedding in 2012. Today she came for a Trash The Dress photoshoot, which we scheduled for…

Cornfield Trip

Today’s urge to jump caught us in a moonlit cornfield. I used my flashlight and inhumanely high ISO to capture the action.

Colors Of The Night

Experimenting with light painting again, this time using more subtle colors and a much longer lens. It was fun, despite the fact that an owl pooped on my…

Oppa Vulcan Style!

Today is Margaret’s 30th anniversary, so I went the sentimental route for her birthday gift. She wished for a throwing knife, and she’s got a decent one from…

Shadows Of Rush Hour

This is the busiest street in Minsk, photographed during rush hour. Bumper to bumper traffic, huge crowds of pedestrians… First, I made it all go away. Then brought…

Brenizer Method

Ever since I started creating bokehramas (using a technique called “Brenizer Effect“), I’ve been pushing the limits of this already optically impossible genre. Gigapixel stitch with over 250…

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