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Jumping portrait in front of the spa

Beauty Salon

After day of hard work we’ve stopped by a tanning salon to get our doses of vitamin D. PS: If Margaret keeps jumping like that, we gonna save…

Spooky noir jumping silhouette

Wicked Witch

Places we go in our family photography endeavors sometimes look spooky even for me. Just like this apartment complex garage, for example. And of course we grabbed a…

Nighttime portrait with flying hat

People Are Not Wearing Enough Hats

Just a quick jump on our way home. Margaret’s jumping project gives me a great testing ground for various ultralight kits. Today it was small camera and a…

Mini sessions and family photography


You know, all these dull and somber family portrait sessions… Never seen one in my entire career.

Today We Got Married

– Would you like me to wear a suit for our wedding? Or maybe a tux? – No, I won’t recognize you in a suit, you don’t look…

Sailfish Impression

Just another photo of Margaret jumping at sunset. Buckle up though, tomorrow will be very special! :)

All The Green Things

Grocery stores in Eastern Europe are excellent testing grounds for event photographer’s skills of dealing with low quality of light. I absolutely guarantee that you are never going…

Jumping portrait upside down

Colorful Wall

I’m a sucker for colorful walls, so when I find one, I absolutely have to use it as a backdrop.

Autumn jumping portrait

Orange Jump

Today we’re in the orange mood. All plans are in motion, here we go!… I mean, here we jump.