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Jumping portrait upside down

Colorful Wall

I’m a sucker for colorful walls, so when I find one, I absolutely have to use it as a backdrop.

Autumn jumping portrait

Orange Jump

Today we’re in the orange mood. All plans are in motion, here we go!… I mean, here we jump.

How She Does That

That’s how Margaret does jumping selfies: if you look closely, you’ll see a magic wand in her right hand… That’s a transmitter antenna, and the receiver sits on…

Cornfield Trip

Today’s urge to jump caught us in a moonlit cornfield. I used my flashlight and inhumanely high ISO to capture the action.

O Nikon Where Art Thou?

You were asking how Margaret manages to jump so high every time? It’s pretty simple: I hold her and make myself invisible by wearing a proper cloak. Today…

Oppa Vulcan Style!

Today is Margaret’s 30th anniversary, so I went the sentimental route for her birthday gift. She wished for a throwing knife, and she’s got a decent one from…

Jumping portrait created with a vintage lens

Jupiterian Jump

I wanted to see if I can like the “look” of the vintage Soviet-era manual lenses. The answer is still firm nope. They are dreamy, soft and everything,…

Night portrait created with Brenizer Method

Brenizer Method

Ever since I started creating bokehramas (using a technique called “Brenizer Effect“), I’ve been pushing the limits of this already optically impossible genre. Gigapixel stitch with over 250…

Morning Dew

You have no idea how happy I am to finally see some clouds! …And Margaret, of course :)