Panther Martin

Remember the car I bought yesterday? She needed a name, so when I found a fishing lure in her immaculately clean ashtray, I’ve decided that whatever is written on a lure is going to be the car’s name.

It’s a classic inline spinner, so I was expecting “Mepps”. Or

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Today it was supposed to be raining in the morning. All weather forecasts were in agreement, no PM rain.

…Of course it was raining cats and dogs the entire afternoon. Come on people, you can’t predict the weather a few hours ahead, yet keep telling me that it will be warmer

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Family Heirloom

One of my first memories: mom is singing a lullaby, and there’s a candle burning… In this very candlestick. It was one of the precious few childhood artifacts that I’ve recovered from Russia almost 40 years later.

But now I have to leave it behind because all of my baggage is

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