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Oh, Look! Another Dude Offering Mini Sessions in Atlanta!

My six year long European odyssey is nearing its end; I will be arriving in ATL in early October. Arriving to stay for as long as I breathe……

Graffiti Fest

I didn’t know that there’s an international (!) graffiti fest in Minsk right now. Two teams, from what I’ve heard: Belarus and Brazil. Sounds random, but cool :)

Jumpity Jump, Hoppity Hop

Today’s mini-sessions at the park had a twist: no creation fee if you’re off the ground. As a result, 4 out of 16 available slots were reserved strictly…

Crazy Weather

Today I’ve been doing mini-sessions all over the historical center of Minsk. The weather was really kaleidoscopic: one minute we had a blazing Sun and totally clear skies,…

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