Wrong Camo, Right Spirit

Bush crickets have a perfect camouflage for leafy surroundings, but this one decided to sing his love song from a pine tree. I used my flashlight to find him and take this photo… Unlike other critters in the vicinity, he never stopped singing. I’m sure that with such a spirit

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Passing Storm

Sparklers produce an absurd amount of light, in many cases easily beating the midday Sun. But clearly they are not bright enough to be suitable for a midday light painting… Yes, I’ve tried to do some light painting over the early PM landscape, and failed miserably.

Clouds did a much better

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Crazy Weather

Today I’ve been doing mini-sessions all over the historical center of Minsk. The weather was really kaleidoscopic: one minute we had a blazing Sun and totally clear skies, then feathery clouds, then simultaneously all sorts of cloud formations from the meteorology book (even “incompatible” ones), then everything gone dark, then

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