Brenizer Method

Ever since I started creating bokehramas (using a technique called “Brenizer Effect“), I’ve been pushing the limits of this already optically impossible genre. Gigapixel stitch with over 250 tiles? Check. Multi-tile portraits where one subject is split among dozen tiles? Check. Environmental portrait indoors with zero nodal shift?

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Where’s My Bike?!

Made a new “brush” for my light painting experiments. The best opportunity to test it? Of course, Margaret’s daily jumping project!

And here I am, checking the key light, wondering why it didn’t fire the last time… Probably even throwing some strong words at the poor thing. Bam! Epic selfie.

Wrong Camo, Right Spirit

Bush crickets have a perfect camouflage for leafy surroundings, but this one decided to sing his love song from a pine tree. I used my flashlight to find him and take this photo… Unlike other critters in the vicinity, he never stopped singing. I’m sure that with such a spirit

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