Today it was supposed to be raining in the morning. All weather forecasts were in agreement, no PM rain.

…Of course it was raining cats and dogs the entire afternoon. Come on people, you can’t predict the weather a few hours ahead, yet keep telling me that it will be warmer

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Fruit Stand

One of the Belorussian oddities are these fruit/veggie stands, conveniently located near the bus stops. Unsurprisingly that places every single one of them right next to a grocery store. Prices are usually the same, and they seldom sell anything that’s fresher or better than what you get from the store

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Crazy Weather

Today I’ve been doing mini-sessions all over the historical center of Minsk. The weather was really kaleidoscopic: one minute we had a blazing Sun and totally clear skies, then feathery clouds, then simultaneously all sorts of cloud formations from the meteorology book (even “incompatible” ones), then everything gone dark, then

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