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Mannequin Jump

Another retrospective shot: September 18th this year, Minsk.

Explosive Beard

It was a very long day. Probably the longest day of the year… for I’ve moved to Atlanta and Margaret stayed in Minsk. I’ll have to file for…

Play That Funky Music White Boy

No street band is complete without an accordion. No relocation is complete without leaving things behind. Big news are a-coming. Not as big as me an Margaret getting…

Did You Plug It In?

One checkout lane at the grocery store wasn’t working, and the clerks were busy trying to figure out what’s wrong with it… They forgot to plug in a…

Shopping Dog

On my way home after a wonderful day of mini-sessions, stopped by the mall and saw this dog. Judging by expression on his face, he’s been waiting too…

People Are Not Wearing Enough Hats

Just a quick jump on our way home. Margaret’s jumping project gives me a great testing ground for various ultralight kits. Today it was small camera and a…

Act Like Model

As I was walking by, this girl noticed my camera… And instinctively did a few poses from the typical repertoire of a pro model.

Back To School

A tent shop selling school supplies right in the geographic center of Minsk.

Who Said “Noodles”?

Here I am, researching the phenomenon that I call “bokeh noodling”, and there’s a doggie waiting for the owner at a grocery store. Whistling and other noises that…

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