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Liftoff Into The Sunset

Tonight I wanted to see just how far can I push my wee little camera. Highlight recovery is set to 100%; no artifacts whatsoever. Dynamic range exceeds 22…

Ninety Two Percent

I saw this big fat Moon hanging over a church at sunset and went for an app to check the current phase. Oddly enough it is 92% full,…

Crossroads Sunset

Crossing the intersection I’ve noticed how beautiful the light is… Got stuck between the lanes as a result :)

Sailfish Impression

Just another photo of Margaret jumping at sunset. Buckle up though, tomorrow will be very special! :)

To The Batcave!

In daylight this building looks like a fat cat… But when darkness falls upon Gotham City, it turns into Batman.

Beauty In Odd Places

After shooting her daily jumping selfie (here), Margaret spotted some flowers. Just outside of this frame: stinky garbage bin, bunch of spillages of unknown origin, parked cars… And…

Oppa Vulcan Style!

Today is Margaret’s 30th anniversary, so I went the sentimental route for her birthday gift. She wished for a throwing knife, and she’s got a decent one from…

Jupiterian Jump

I wanted to see if I can like the “look” of the vintage Soviet-era manual lenses. The answer is still firm nope. They are dreamy, soft and everything,…

Corny One

For today’s photo I wanted to create something artsy-fartsy. Here in a former USSR it always means black & white. Usually nude, quite often fat and ugly. Or…

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