Portrait & Lifestyle Photography

From mini sessions and family groups to senior and lifestyle portraits, my goal remains the same: capturing the beauty of who you genuinely are.

I don’t pose my clients in front of random walls and landmarks. There’s no “cookie cutter” approach, regardless of your budget. Each and every portrait session is custom tailored to your unique needs and personality traits.

Wedding, Elopement & Social Event Photography

This is your day, so why should it be micromanaged by a photographer?! My documentary style captures the natural flow of your event, all the actions and reactions are absolutely genuine and spontaneous. “Hold it” is not in my vocabulary when it comes to event photography.

Yes, pretty much all weddings have an hour reserved for the formal portraits. But let me tell you a secret… I’m usually done with the formals in a matter of minutes, and that gives my brides and grooms an opportunity to spend some time away from the crowd before the reception.

I have photographed weddings in Atlanta and New York, Toronto and Moscow, London and Berlin. Some of them were huge, while others included only immediate families and closest friends. But my absolute favorite of late are elopements!…

Professional & Modeling Headshot Photography

A modern, professional headshot is absolutely invaluable! One great profile photo can change your personal and professional life for the better, whether it be on your LinkedIn profile, corporate directory page, modeling portfolio… or even a dating website.

In a post-COVID world, much of the networking is done online. That’s why personal branding is more important than ever; a great profile photo is your first real vis-à-vis. Invest in yourself, as it could be the best investment you’ve ever made!

Real Estate Photography

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters are results. By making your listings stand out on MLS pages, my photography will help you get more leads, and potentially sell the property at a greater price.

My real estate photos don’t have a “greasy” look of a typical HDR you may find on MLS, but they are still HDR: skies are blue, and you can easily see every important feature regardless of lights and shadows. Twilight photography is an option, and it adds a lot of vibrant appeal to your listing.

About My Style

My first professional assignment was back in the 70s, long before digital cameras. I still prefer the film “look”, and I’m not talking about “expired film that was left in a hot garage for a few years” kind of look that is so popular with toy camera enthusiasts nowadays. I like the look of properly exposed slide film, and most of my photographs, despite being shot in digital, achieve that look.

As far as capturing the moment goes, I like to think that I’m efficient at finding the holy grail of documentary photography, the “decisive moment” – every single time. I’ve been perfecting my candid storytelling for decades and reached the point where the skill of “blending in”, becoming ubiquitous yet invisible morphed into a habit. My working style gravitates towards documenting the natural flow of your event.

But there’s a flip side: every once in a while, merely capturing what’s in front of me just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes I have to shatter the ambiance and create a peculiar mix of light, shadows and divergent colors, delivering a brand new reality. I do all this on the set, not in Photoshop – so we’re creating a reality, not faking it.

What Else?

  • I’ve finally relocated back into the US of A in late 2015 after spending six years in Europe. Currently I’m based in Gainesville, GA.
  • I am a “people photographer” and my goal is to make you look “youer than you”. I pride myself in the ability to put every client at ease in front of the camera.
  • I’ve been told that I make unphotogenic models look great. Well, maybe. Or maybe grumpy people just never hire me. Happy people are always photogenic.
  • Human expressions and interactions. It’s hard to find a visual art subject that I’m more drawn to.