Photographing people of Northeast Georgia since Y2K!

I like to think that I’m efficient at finding the holy grail of documentary photography, the “decisive moment” – every single time. I’ve been perfecting my photojournalistic storytelling for decades and reached the point where the skill of “blending in”, becoming ubiquitous yet invisible morphed into a habit. My working style gravitates towards documenting the natural flow of your event.

But there’s a flip side: every once in a while, merely capturing what’s in front of me just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes I have to shatter the ambience and create a peculiar mix of light, shadows and divergent colors, delivering a brand new reality. I do all this at the set, not in Photoshop – so we’re creating a reality, not faking it.

What else?

  • I’ve finally relocated back into the US of A in October 2015 after spending six years in Europe. Currently I’m based in Gainesville, GA.
  • I am a “people photographer” and my goal is to make you look “youer than you”. I pride myself in the ability to put every client at ease in front of the camera.
  • I’ve been told that I make unphotogenic models look great. Well, maybe. Or maybe grumpy people just never hire me. Happy people are always photogenic.
  • Human expressions and interactions. It’s hard to find a visual art subject that I’m more drawn to.
  • Ilana and Greg S., Buckhead GAIlana and Greg S., Buckhead GA

    Trenton was one of the fabulous photographers at our Georgia Aquarium wedding and we could not have been more thrilled with the pictures. It was quite the fairy tale and it is now 3 years later and we are still constantly looking at the memories. Thank you!

  • Anna K., Gainesville GAAnna K., Gainesville GA

    Trent did a terrific job with our photo session! He photographed all of us together, somehow perfectly showing family connection between us and, to my huge surprise, capturing our individualities on a single photo. Incredible! Then he photographed each of us alone. I especially adore this photo of my husband Dennis, I've never seen him this playful in front of a camera! Actually, Trent's presence never felt like we were accompanied by a photographer, more like another family member. I would love to have more photos of us created by Trenton Talbot.

  • Tanya L., Suwanee GATanya L., Suwanee GA

    The most unique pole fitness photos in the world!

    It truly is an impossible task, to capture a pole dancer so she looks amazing not only on video, but also on the photo; so that when you look at the photo, you can imagine movement, dynamics, continuation of the flight … Trenton succeeded brilliantly!

    And not just succeeded, but succeeded four times, because at the same time in the frame there was not one girl on a pole, but 4 girls on 4 poles simultaneously!

  • Olga A., Flowery Branch GAOlga A., Flowery Branch GA

    Best family photographer ever! Thank you so very much for our stunningly beautiful photos! They are not just moments frozen in time, each photo is full of raw emotion and sparkling personality!

  • Maria G., Oakwood GAMaria G., Oakwood GA

    Have you ever tried smacking your better half with a partially cut pillow, spilling feathers all over the place?! This is the best family therapy ever!…

    Trenton Talbot and his team photographed our wedding a few years ago, now it was the time for our family portraits. We quickly finished with extended family and formal poses, grabbed a few pillows from the trunk and… We're in love with the results!

  • Amanda S., Atlanta GAAmanda S., Atlanta GA

    I'm so glad we found Trenton to be our wedding photographer. He was great to work with and our photos were stunningly beautiful. I love that he worked entirely in digital format and gave us the files rather than just prints.

  • Curt M., Marietta GACurt M., Marietta GA

    Truly the best! Trenton recently photographed our second event. Our first was our daughter’s bat mitzvah over 2 years ago and more recently was my son’s bar mitzvah. He is an extremely dependable, hard working professional. Trenton does not pose people but rather captures the emotion of the event and delivers images and albums that tell the story of a very special day in your life. The quality of his work is amazing and you will not be disappointed!

  • Julia G., Gainesville GAJulia G., Gainesville GA

    Trenton got in the trunk to get this shot, what photographer does that?!…

    I've been to a lot of weddings. Trenton and his team are by far the best photographers I've ever seen in action! No annoying direction, you want to have fun? – let me tag along… And the results are incredible!

    What can I say about the quality? I don't understand technical terms, but I certainly understand one thing: it's real me on my photos! Funny, emotional, and very happy! And my husband is real too! Before Trenton, no one was able to capture his real personality on photo, not even me!

  • Olga P., Cornelia GAOlga P., Cornelia GA

    We had an impromptu mini session on my boyfriend's birthday. Despite his lifelong distrust of photography and photographers, now he's bragging about the fact that not many Hollywood celebrities have such cool portraits. And Trenton did it all in 20 minutes, at the city square!

    Thank you for great memories, stunning photos and an unbelievably fast delivery! Hope to work with you again soon…

  • Svetlana K., Buford GASvetlana K., Buford GA

    So much light, love, harmony, sincere emotions, air, movement, life!!! Trenton managed to capture precise moments when our faces and poses were as expressive as humanly possible, while me and my now husband just enjoyed each other's company, great weather, and creative atmosphere :)

  • Katie D., Dahlonega GAKatie D., Dahlonega GA

    Your team is cool, it was great to meet everyone)), everything was very professional, thank you so much!! Now I (and my whole family) just can't stop looking at our pictures) Thank you very much again for a warm atmosphere, lots of positive emotions and impressions and for the fact that you managed to stop time))

    I didn’t even expect such a brilliant result, but now I know for sure: we will contact you exclusively for our family photography!! Bravo!))

    PS: Even my mom, who's skeptical about everything in this world, can't stop looking at our photos, she even said that she won't leave until I printed her some)

  • Victoria G., Athens GAVictoria G., Athens GA

    In such a short time, we became friends. Talbots are sweet, very open and humorous family, any photo session with them turns into something exciting!

    Our photos convey the most important things for us - affection, love, fondness, happiness!

    Thank you for making our story very personal, bright and unique!

  • Halina S., Gainesville GAHalina S., Gainesville GA

    Looking at our photos, it's easy to believe that it was a fun party! Each and every face has so much emotion, perfect choice of moments! I'm eternally grateful for Trenton's mysterious ability to disappear into the crowd, only to snap back into existence when there's something worth photographing. He's very mobile and extremely fast. Come think of it, maybe he's a ninja?!

  • Kate S., Cumming GAKate S., Cumming GA

    During our Trash The Dress post-wedding session we were 100% in tune! Lots of fun and laughter, wonderful weather, insanely beautiful and creative photos!

    …By the way, we didn't really trash the dress that day.