What if we’re having a portrait session outside and it rains?

Obviously we can reschedule or move indoors… But what’s the fun in that? How about creating some rain magic instead? If you want to have a rain photoshoot, I’m in!

How many images do you shoot per session?

There is no set number of photos, and I certainly don’t impose any artificial limits. Every portrait session is unique, same applies to social events. You can expect 200 to 2,000 images from the full day wedding or elopement, or 10 to 100 images from a portrait session. Rule of thumb: the more fun you have, the more photographs you will get.

How many people can participate in a single Mini Session?

There’s no limit and no extra charge! Just tell me about your plans in advance so we could plan accordingly.

Do you offer Engagement Sessions? Do we even need one?

Yes and yes. An Engagement Session is included in all of my Wedding and Elopement packages at no extra charge. You can also book a Portrait or Mini Session to see how you’re going to like my style, and later on deduct its cost from your Wedding package, as it will certainly count as an Engagement Session.

But let me tell you why you need an Engagement Session… Surprisingly, most photographers don’t know the answer themselves and treat it as an upsell. The reality is very simple though: it’s a wedding stress reliever! You’re hiring a photographer that has beautiful pictures in his or her portfolio. But will this photographer deliver to the same standard with you being the stars, on your wedding day?… For many brides (and even grooms) it’s a major source of stress during their wedding. The only way to prevent this stress is to have a fun little photo session in advance, so you’ll know for a fact that your photographer is up for the task.

If we hire you, will you be the actual photographer at our event?

Yes, absolutely! I don’t outsource. For larger (500+ guests) weddings and social events I may bring extra help, but I will be your photographer, period.

How do we book you for our wedding? Can we meet you? Do we even have to meet?

Meeting in person is always a good idea, especially when it comes to wedding photography. After all, your photographer will be shadowing the bride all day, so it’s very important to make sure that this experience will be relieving her stress, not causing it. But I understand that meeting in advance is not always possible, especially when it comes to destination weddings… Please contact me to schedule a virtual interview.

Do you have a studio?

The whole world is my studio. All photo sessions are done on location, whether it be your home, a place that is significant to you in some way, or a place where your next adventure begins. I can achieve a studio “look” literally anywhere!

A few quick examples from my current portfolio: drumming kid was photographed in his back yard, the fire artist lady was photographed next to a construction site, the “acrobat” lady doing a “backflip” (it’s actually called “levitation”, and it requires no acrobatic skills from the model) was photographed in the city, and a lady in a colorful forest was photographed at the local park with no street lights.

Do you require an advance payment?

Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend, so all my packages require a 50% booking retainer. For uninitiated: it means “non-refundable” in legalese; if you’re a no-show, it will turn into a pumpkin. The remaining 50% are due before or on a day of your photoshoot. Payment plans and special arrangements are available, but a booking retainer remains. In a way, it buys the spot on my calendar for the date and time of your photoshoot.

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes, both virtual and physical. Latter are 3D printed. Cool, right?!…

Do you also shoot video?

No, I do not provide video services, it’s not my kind of medium. In other words, my cup of tea is telling the story with still imagery.

We want some drone photographs of the house, but we’re in a no-fly zone…

I can get my regular professional camera airborne using a 20′ telescopic mast, which is more than enough for most “elevated” real estate and event photography needs.