Photography Tutoring

  • Rob Briggs, Dunwoody GARob Briggs, Dunwoody GA

    I’m a lawyer, not a photographer. I acquired a Nikon DSLR camera and found that it was much more complicated than I appreciated. First, Trenton guided me step-by-step through the features, the mechanics, and the basics of the camera. After some introductory lessons and photo takes, we moved on to more sophisticated techniques and photo results. Trenton is patient with beginners but his knowledge and skills can take you to any level of technique you aspire to. He can also teach you how to enhance your results with both camera methods and photoshop exercises. As if that’s not enough, he is an intelligent and interesting companion on your photo hobby or professional development journey. His fees are very reasonable, and I highly recommend him to improve your photographic knowledge and experience while having some fun and interesting discussions at the same time.

Why Not Classes?

Let’s begin with a simple experiment. Search Google for images that match keywords “Photography class“. I know without looking over your shoulder that the majority of them will be of a bunch of students with cameras in their hands shooting in the same direction. Same scene, same model, same lighting for everyone. Classical “Let me show you – now y’all do it” approach. This might be an efficient way to learn and practice Tai Chi, but certainly not Photography. That’s why I present to you…

Private Tutoring!

  • One-on-one photography training. All levels, from absolute beginner to pro – at the convenience of your own home and at your own pace! It’s just you and me – so everything’s relevant.
  • Mentoring. Realtime suggestions during your own photoshoots, workflow and business consulting, portfolio and web site critique, you name it!
  • Remote education. Not in Dalton or even Chattanooga area? Learn photography online, utilizing both email and video conferencing.
  • Semi-private lessons. Looking for the most affordable yet efficient way to learn photography? If you have a friend who shares your level of photographic expertise and has similar needs, you can learn together and save big!

What Are The Prices?

  • Private lessons, both in person and remotely: $65/hour, minimal time slot allocation is 2 hours.
  • Semi-private lessons (2-5 students), in person only: $45/hour per student, minimal time slot is 2 hours.
  • Mentoring: inquire using the form below.

…Does it fit within your budget? Terrific, let’s rock!

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