My six year long European odyssey is nearing its end; I will be arriving in ATL in early October. Arriving to stay for as long as I breathe… Yes, Trenton Talbot Photography will be

reopening on US soil, yay! And what’s a better way to celebrate (and reintroduce myself to the market) than casual, fun photo sessions that won’t break the bank?

• Enter Mini Sessions

I am absolutely thrilled to be able to offer mini sessions in Metro Atlanta this fall, which is both my favorite time of year and the favorite place to be!

What is it you might ask? Mini photo sessions are a great way for you to get professional photos at an incredible value. They are held on a limited number of dates each season and include a 20-minute sessions at a location of my choice, unlike regular portrait packages that include 1 hour or more of photography and are scheduled at the time and place of your choosing. My regular portrait packages start at $470, while mini sessions start at $150… until October 15th this year.

• What Will Happen On October 15th?

The news is, well, good and bad. Good news: starting October 15th, I will be able to accept credit card payments again (at the time of this writing I don’t even have a bank account). More good news: on October 15th, I will be calling you to schedule your mini session. Bad news: on October 15th, the price will go up to $170.

However, ensuring the (re)introductory price of only $150 is very simple:

  1. Fill out the form at the end of this page;
  2. Mail a booking retainer payment to the address specified in a confirmation message;
  3. I will be calling you to schedule your mini session on or before October 15th.

Steps 1 & 2 should be done before October 15th, of course. Here’s a countdown for your convenience:


• Wait A Minute. Mail A Check To Someone Who Doesn’t Have A Bank Account?!

Yep. Sounds just like another online scam, doesn’t it? Wait till you see the actual mailing address, it’s a PO box!… Joking aside, I don’t have a bank account stateside because it was closed “for inactivity” about 5 years ago. Once I land in ATL, I’ll be setting up a new one, applying for a credit card reader, insurance, business licenses and all that jazz – ASAP. But for the time being, I don’t have an account, phone number or an address in the States.

That’s why the booking retainer for these “Early Adopter” mini sessions will be only $50 instead of the regular 50%.

• What Types Of Mini Sessions Are Available?

As a photographer, I enjoy spending time with my clients, getting to know them and their distinctive dynamics and personalities. I like to take my time with my subjects, allowing them to warm up and feel comfortable with me. However, I also know that many families desire family portraiture for a specific purpose – like documenting a child growing or for the family image on the holiday card – one that doesn’t require the time and effort a full session would provide.

Mini sessions give current clients an affordable approach to have photographs created at multiple times in the year, and are a great way for a new client to have a small taste of the Trenton Talbot Photography experience (think of it as going out for coffee and not for the whole dinner on a first date).

You can choose from four different mini-packages:

  1. Regular mini session – $150 ($170 after Oct 15th). Twenty minutes in front of the camera, locations and times will be pre-set to allow for me to have multiple sessions in one day at one location. 5-12 images will be presented during a separate appointment later on.
  2. Mini session on demand – $250 ($290 after Oct 15th). Same as #1, but you choose time and place. Any time, any place!
  3. Regular mini session with digital negatives – $350 ($385 after Oct 15th). Same as #1, but you will get your 5-12 photographs as full resolution files, retouched, color corrected and ready to be printed.
  4. Mini session on demand with digital negatives – $440 ($465 after Oct 15th). Same as #2, but includes files.

All of the packages described above will get an online gallery with many options such as ordering reprints, password protection etc. ETA of this Client Portal is early November, just in time for your Halloween photos!

• Where Are You Going To Photograph Mini Sessions This Fall?

So far I have 3 locations in mind:

  1. Stone Mountain Park;
  2. Piedmont Park;
  3. Mountains in the vicinity of Helen (Anna Ruby Falls) and/or Tallulah Gorge. Or maybe Lake Allatoona with the Red Top Mountain as a background?…

If you have some terrific location on your mind, I’m open to suggestions!

• All Right, I Want To Pre-Book! What’s Next?

First, let me remind you that $50 booking retainer lets you reserve the “Early Adopter” pricing for any mini-package, not just the basic one. Better yet, you can upgrade any time!

Now, let’s get started. Please fill out the form below and follow the instructions:

This offer has expired.