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8 Real Reasons Why Your Business Should Hire a Professional Photographer

NB: This higgledy-piggledy of a post mostly concerns my commercial photography clients, so if you’re not one of them… Well, you gonna read it anyway, aren’t you? A…


A sneak peek preview of tonight’s event at Intercontinental.

Mannequin Jump

Another retrospective shot: September 18th this year, Minsk.

Dinner Is Served

Obviously, Chuck likes cooking even more than I do. Yum!

Play That Funky Music White Boy

No street band is complete without an accordion. No relocation is complete without leaving things behind. Big news are a-coming. Not as big as me an Margaret getting…


The weather was meticulously balancing on the edge of “Just About To Rain” all morning. But the very moment we’ve packed up and started the car, the clouds…

Did You Plug It In?

One checkout lane at the grocery store wasn’t working, and the clerks were busy trying to figure out what’s wrong with it… They forgot to plug in a…

Boudoir Break

Gorgeous Alyona having a coffee break during a boudoir photoshoot.

Shopping Dog

On my way home after a wonderful day of mini-sessions, stopped by the mall and saw this dog. Judging by expression on his face, he’s been waiting too…

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