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Jumping into the sunset

Liftoff Into The Sunset

Tonight I wanted to see just how far can I push my wee little camera. Highlight recovery is set to 100%; no artifacts whatsoever. Dynamic range exceeds 22…

Moonlit cloudscape

Lower Limits

Tonight I was supposed to be drinking beer with a friend from California, but he’s got stuck in FRA. Oh well, no beer today… The bottle stands for…

Sunset cityscape

Crossroads Sunset

Crossing the intersection I’ve noticed how beautiful the light is… Got stuck between the lanes as a result :)

Boudoir candid portrait during the break

Boudoir Break

Gorgeous Alyona having a coffee break during a boudoir photoshoot.

Levitation portrait in front of a graffiti wall

Graffiti Fest

I didn’t know that there’s an international (!) graffiti fest in Minsk right now. Two teams, from what I’ve heard: Belarus and Brazil. Sounds random, but cool :)

Shopping mall dog portrait

Shopping Dog

On my way home after a wonderful day of mini-sessions, stopped by the mall and saw this dog. Judging by expression on his face, he’s been waiting too…

Jumping portrait in front of the spa

Beauty Salon

After day of hard work we’ve stopped by a tanning salon to get our doses of vitamin D. PS: If Margaret keeps jumping like that, we gonna save…

Nighttime portrait with flying hat

People Are Not Wearing Enough Hats

Just a quick jump on our way home. Margaret’s jumping project gives me a great testing ground for various ultralight kits. Today it was small camera and a…

Mini sessions and family photography


You know, all these dull and somber family portrait sessions… Never seen one in my entire career.