Got Phone? Call Me Maybe!

What, no photos?!

You were expecting to see my portfolio, and I was expecting you’d come with a much bigger screen. Silly us.

If you wanted to visit your client gallery, click here.

What can I do?

Anything except viewing my portfolio page – for that you’ll have to come

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8 Real Reasons Why Your Business Should Hire a Professional Photographer

NB: This higgledy-piggledy of a post mostly concerns my commercial photography clients, so if you’re not one of them… Well, you gonna read it anyway, aren’t you?

A meeting planner recently complimented my work. She said, and I quote, “You are not like other photographers, you never freak out!”

That almost

What I’ve Been Up To Lately

Hi, my name is Trenton and I’m finally out of the woods.

It’s been three months since I’ve blogged anything. I also hardly sent any emails nor made any phone calls. Weird, considering the holiday season… With that in mind I want to offer an explanation and a quasi-apology. I

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Oh, Look! Another Dude Offering Mini Sessions in Atlanta!

My six year long European odyssey is nearing its end; I will be arriving in ATL in early October. Arriving to stay for as long as I breathe… Yes, Trenton Talbot Photography will be reopening on US soil, yay! And what’s a better way to celebrate

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