Tag: wildlife

Something Strange In The Neighborhood

I just finished photographing the sunset, turned around to my nettle infested camp and found ectoplasm. Plaid, backpack, lantern, even my bike – everything was covered in it….

Wrong Camo, Right Spirit

Bush crickets have a perfect camouflage for leafy surroundings, but this one decided to sing his love song from a pine tree. I used my flashlight to find…

Starling Bazaar

Lots of starlings in the area lately. Amazing murmurations at the sunset, flash-mobs of hundreds of tails and beaks in a daytime.

Stealing The Prey

Went to take a closer look at the owl congregation that I’ve discovered yesterday and… witnessed the tawny owl stealing a rat from the hawk owl. Caught it…

Owl Spotting

An ordinary walk through the night forest turned into an owl spotting. There was at least five barn owls chattering and having a hoot time… but I had…

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